Lize in London in 1991


Lize's paintings have a defined signature.

The viewer will recognise her distinct style.


Lize's inspiration  is derived from her immediate surroundings and her current emotional journey.


The subject matter might be real and existing ie. 'Grotto beach' but the viewer will almost always find himself on a journey.

The light draws you into the scene bringing forth the viewers own spiritual ending.


Lize specialises in semi-abstract, and semi-realistic seascape and landscape paintings. She also enjoys the powerfulness of portraiture art.


Recently her paintings have become more expressionistic, with rich textures, multiple layers, poured paint, palette knife marks and ink.


Her approach is to draw people in and invite them to experience emotional and spiritual feelings of the soul, not just the image itself.


Lize's influences come from the old master painter, Turner and the expressionism movement. She also takes inspiration from Pollock.

Lize and her mom, actress, Wilna Snyman

With her son Michael

Lize van der Walt  2018

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